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Default Re: Guess You All Are Going To Become Knick Fans

Originally Posted by AMISTILLILL
You already have two... don't you think you should be focusing on and enjoying your team now? I don't understand the point behind hoping another star comes along to somehow right the proverbial ship.

You honestly believe, with another off-season, training camp and upgrades in role players and supporting cast, this New York team can't make noise and contend NOW against the elites? Even with D'Antoni at the helm with a complete and total lack of defensive prowess, this Knicks team could still make waves and shock the world next season. I'm not even a Knicks fan and I recognize that... so, why concern yourself with what may or may not take place in 2012? The top heap of teams could shift and change five times before that off-season even comes about, as the leagues upstarts and young teams continue to get stronger and more experienced.

Don't you think this mirrors the "LeBron to New York" debacle fairly succinctly? That didn't pan out, so why set yourself up for a similar situation?

LeBron didn't come to NY because he was dissapointed in how we handled the 2 drafts before his free agency.

Carmelo, Amare, and Paul actually spoke about joining NY. They said it out loud. It was recorded. It was confirmed in the media.

$15 mill in capspace....the team will be improved. We're the only "SuperTeam" that actually still has cap room available, which proves my point that we'll probably be the team with best opportunity to shut the cHeat down.

Jesus..... I never knew a thread HATING ON THE MIAMI CHEATERS would get so much backlash.

If you guys want a decade dominated by 1 team who's existence was predicated on collusion and underdealings , then so be it...enjoy watching cheaters win.
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