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Default Re: 2011 NBA Mock Draft

I don't think/I hope that the T-Wolves are not that dumb to draft Kanter at #2...WOW...and if Utah is that dumb to not take D. Williams even though AK47 that is crazy. I like Gordon Haywood but he fits better at the 2 than the 3 imo. and that starting 5 in Utah would not be bad at all if they can get Devin Harris to start playing better team ball like he did in NJ his All-Star year. BUT damn Cleveland would make out with the two best players at #1 and #4...I still think they should draft Williams #1 but all signs seem to point to them drafting Kyrie Irving #1 overall. BUT who are we all kidding the T-Wolves are the 2002-2007 Detroit think they should draft the best player available but they end up drafting another PG !
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