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Default Re: Kanter refuses to interview with Raps...

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
No need to panic, this means nothing. It's obvious his agent doesn't want Kanter to go to teams that already have players at C and PF that are going to get minutes ahead of him. It makes sense for a young player to not want to go to a team where he likely is just going to sit on the bench.

- Utah has Jefferson at C and also Millsap and Favors at PF.

- The Raptors are still run by Colangelo and still have Bargnani on the roster and everyone knows how inseparable they are. Bargnani is going to get a guaranteed 32-35 mpg regardless of his quality of play.

- Milwaukee has Bogut and Kanter will likely get picked long before they come up to pick.

If he's still around at #5 and the Raptors feel he is the best pick there, they should absolutely take him. He will come and he will play.

+1 - very smart post
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