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Default Re: Sources: Mike Brown named coach of the Lakers

Originally Posted by Harison
if Lakers fans are happy with the hire, who are we to disagree? In my humble opinion, why not hire MB as assistant D coach, while head coach someone... better, like Adelman, Larry Brown, etc. Those coaches not only better, but also manages ego way beyond MB is capable of. Mike was walkover for Lebron, now will be walkover by Kobe. Such franchise as Lakers can surely do better, but then again, its IMHO.

I can only speak for myself.. not all Laker fans..
but I am not so quick to jump to any conclusions..
It is still yet to be seen.. (like that other guy stating I have opinions on this last year and yesterday) ridiculous ..

I STILL do not even have a full opinion.

We haven't seen anything. It's like everybody already played out next season in their head.. just saying that we should give him a chance..
what other choice do we have anyway ..
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