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Default Re: Miami Will Beat Dallas Again

Originally Posted by kaiiu
Dirk already has ammunition doe. He was cheating ou tof a ring vs the very franchise he is about to play.

Did u see him walk off the court afterwards? Dude means business while Lebron is out there taunting and showboating like he has already won something.


You know that means nothing, right?

LeBron still gives it 100%. He has just upped his passion this Playoffs due to all of the criticism he received for The Decision.

Both guys are on a mission.

I miss the NBA's "There can only be 1" commercials. Because this is legit for both.

You drop 2 NBA Finals and people will hold it against you unless you have rings anyways. Either way LeBron or Dirk is going to come away 0-2 in the NBA Finals.
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