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Default Re: A player going to the finals with two different teams in no fluke

Originally Posted by thekavorka
Dirk did it with no other All Stars on his team.
He has a collection of great veterans around him that no how to play defense.

Shawn Marion~great defender/finisher
Jason Kidd~all time great point guard who still can pass/make decisions with the best of them:great defense/stealing ability + fastbreak offense combo
Tyson chandler~One of the best defensive centers in the league/good finisher
JasonTerry/Barea~probably the most explosive scoring bench duo in the entire league.

This is a very good, veteran basketball team.

Typical retard mentality though to judge a team by how many allstars they have. Jason kidd brought more to Dallas in this series than westbrook brought to OKC despite westbrook being the 'allstar.'
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