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Default Your draft board

I know there's a bunch of ________ Bandwagon draft threads but this isn't talking about one specific player.

The Raptors are picking at #5 and Irving and Williams will be off the board. What is your draft board for the other players? Mine:

1. Kanter
2. Knight
3. Valanciunas

One of these guys will be available at #5, I'm just really hoping it's Kanter. If Utah takes Knight and Cleveland for whatever reason likes Valanciunas, it might happen.

I like Kanter's size and mobility as a big man. I don't think he'll be a great defensive player but he could be solid enough and will definitely rebound. He's always going to be around the basket on offense to cleanup some garbage points. Assuming that Ed Davis continues to improve, that would be good some toughness in the frontcourt.

Knight is all about potential. He has great size for a PG which will help on defense and I think he can become a very good shooter. It's his shot selection that is holding him back for now. The ball-handling and playmaking isn't the greatest but again, he's only 19. I don't think he'll be much of an improvement over Bayless in his first year but he has the talent to be clearly better down the road.

Valanciunas is a "I know very little about him but I like the idea of the player he could become". A huge risk but a team as bad as the Raptors needs to hit a home run in one of these upcoming drafts.
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