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Default Re: 98 Bulls vs 11 Heat

Originally Posted by BlackJoker23
well, for one, you said the 08 jazz (obviously a typo on your behalf) so i was wondering why the hell you even brought that up.

secondly, none of the teams you listed were as good as the heat. the rockets were trash. don't let the names fool you. they were old, battered and had dealt with injuries all season. hakeem was done after that knee surgery, drexler was retiring. robinson/duncan needed time to adjust. that was a rookie duncan and robinson who had suffered a damn near career-ending injury and that team was garbage outside of those two. the lakers were impressive, i guess.

the heat have too much offense for that jazz team to win. i know you can say the same about the 98 laker team they faced but that laker team was full of inexperienced players who folded under pressure.

robinson was still 22/10. it's the same team that would win it the next year.
shaq was already shaq, kobe already an all-star, rick fox, horry, eddie jones weren't young anymore...
they won 56 and 61 respectively. both teams would later become dynasties but had to wait for the jazz to get old to get past them.
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