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Default Re: 98 Bulls vs 11 Heat

The Bulls did play a team fairly comparable in talent to the current -- the Orlando Magic were friggin' deep.

Shaq '96 > LeBron (sorry Bron)

Penny was pretty darn close to Wade, his numbers would be higher in today's NBA with the hand checking rules.

Grant/Nick Anderson/Dennis Scott roughly equivalent to Bosh/Anthony/Haslem.

Bosh is a better scorer than Grant, but Grant was a better defender.

I think the Bulls would win though just because they're a smarter basketball team and defensively they match up well. Bosh is an easier match up for Rodman than Shaq or Kemp or Malone. Pippen would have his hands full with LeBron, but he is probably the greatest perimeter defender in NBA history so if he can't slow Bron, no one can.

Jordan would be able to shoot over Wade from the post at will.

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