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Default Re: Will the Heat contain JJ Barea?

Originally Posted by KOLBCTEW
Still.. Rondo's offensive scoring may be one dimensional but let's not act like he's better than Rondo.

I reread what I posted and didn't see anything that hinted I thought Barea was better than Rondo. I just think they are a horrible comparison for each other as two point guards couldn't be played more differently if you are on defense.

A pick and roll with Rondo you can go under the screen and not have to worry about him popping a shot. You can also sag off of him and play the passing lanes until he heads towards the basket. The opposite is true with Barea.

All I was saying is that when Barea has the ball, he has alot more options than Rose has with Chicago or Rondo has with Boston. He can shoot, drive, or pass to someone who shooots lights out. He's a tough matchup.

That being said, I don't expect him to be the difference in the series.
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