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List your free agents or trade. Let's try to keep it realistic.

Trenton Hassel for J.R. Smith

Eddie Griffin for Brevin Night
sign free agent Speedy Claxton

sign free agent Nick Van Exel

sign free agent Melvin Ely

trade Marco Jaric for Chris Wilcox or Nick Collison

Are you nuts? Hassell for JR Smith? Hassell is the kind of player you want, which is the complete opposite of JR Smith on a rebuilding team.

And there's no way in hell Seattle would trade WILCOX(ROFLMAO) or Collison for Jaric, realistic, c'mon.

We have to trade KG. Our rebuilding is about to happen and KG doesn not have to be here for it. But when you trade him, put Blount with him.

TRADE: Kevin Garnett + Mark Blount


Luol Deng, Andres Nocioni, Tyson Chandler

Then trade Ricky D with Hudson for Theo Ratliff

Then with the MLE sign someone like Melvin Ely with the MLE.

PG- Randy Foye | Marko Jaric
SG- Trenton Hassell | Rashad McCants
SF- Luol Deng | Justin Reed
PF- Andres Nocioni | Melvin Ely
C- Tyson Chandler | Theo Ratliff

I like it. Do you?

I think it's realistic too.
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