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Default Re: Your draft board

Whoever is available between Kanter and Valanciunas. If they are both available? Preferably Kanter, but it all depends on what the team is comfortable with and what happens during the workouts. I'd be happy with either one of those two players.

If, for some reason, those two players both aren't available, that would mean probably Brandon Knight is the one who drops out of the top 4. I'm not even so sure I'd pick him. Next years crop of Point Guards is amazing, so I think I'd prefer the Raptors take a player like Kawhi Leonard or Jan Vesely if the two big men aren't available.

Again, it all depends on what happens in the next few days/weeks with workouts, but as of now:


I'd love for this team to get Myck Kabongo in the 2012 draft.
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