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Default Re: Your draft board

Originally Posted by BoogieWoogieMan
Gotta go against you this time Q...

I'm rooting for the team big time at getting Kemba, I know he's going to struggle badly in the first few years (more lottery bound draft pics), but his athletic abilities and his character is the reason of me being such a big fan of his. He had to carry a team practically on his back and got it done, and with efficient numbers to boot. Also, the bigger the game, the better he plays. I could see the team rallying behind him during the clutch in the fourth quarter.

I would still pick Kanter first but if he is gone, then KEMBA!!!
I'm just not buying what people are selling on him. It mostly has to do with him being a "winner" or "clutch" or having a good character. Intangible things rather than actual skills and production on the court. I don't think he's a good shooter or a good playmaker. He's also smaller than Knight. I see a worse version of Raymond Felton in him.
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