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Default Re: Your draft board

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
Valanciunas is such an interesting player. I wonder what his best-case scenario will be? He seems like he'd be a more mobile player that will block shots with his length but I question his strength from the few videos I've seen.

Kanter, IMO is going to be more of a solid fundamental player. I don't think he'll block many shots with his wing-span but he definitely has the size to still be an effective defender if he uses his feet and body well. If he has a good motor though, I think he can be a force on the boards.

Kanter might be more read now and still has tons of potential being so young but Valanciunas might have the higher potential ceiling.

Oh and please no Kemba Walker.

And also Kanter can shoot teh threeze (I emphasize CAN)!!!

Seriously though, I've seen some videos of him in workouts and he has a decent shot and what looks like some smooth'ish post moves (and yes he did hit some threes) so I think he has a chance at being a decent offensive option for a big as well, which I'm not quite sure Davis can be yet.
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