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Default Re: Rumor: 3 Team Trade (CLE-MIN-DET): CLE get #2 too

Originally Posted by bagelred
Just read the OP. First reaction? How far has RIP's stock fallen to give up a Top 10 pick just to be rid of him....geez.

Also, is the player Cavs getting at #2 MUCH better than what they get at #4? Seems like a steep price taking Hamilton's huge contract for a 2 spot move up.
I agree with the first part. They must rly want to dump RIP to get rid of #8 (and don't rly want any1 in this draft).

But for Cleveland I think it is worth it taking on RIP for #2 just b/c in this draft after Irving and Williams there is supposedly a major drop off. They could get the only two future all stars in the draft. Great way to rebuild. Similar to how OKC/Seattle got Durant at #2 and Green (at #6? or something high) in one draft to start rebuilding.

They def need Williams much more than one of the euro bigs (Varajao and Hickson are pretty good).

Cleveland's future would look rly bright with Irving and Williams to go with Hickson and Varajao.

I really hope this goes through because I rly want RIP to be a FA and sign with NY!!!
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