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Default Re: 2011 NBA Finals OGT: Dallas Mavericks @ Miami Heat, Tue 5/31 9:00p ET

Originally Posted by sodapop
Since the Heat have more media support, hype, sponsors (Nike for example) and highly invested, I say the refs and the NBA will give the Heat the finals.
I am very disappointed with the NBA. This was the worse playoffs since 2002. Each playoff game was refereed poorly. The finals will be poorly refereed as well. If you truly want to know who will win this series? Ask the refs. I don't want to waste anymore time watching a marketing invested team beat another real team. Nor do I want to hear fake, artificial, plastic, wannabe, bandwagon, fence walking fans cheer for the most artificial team in NBA history, the Miami Heat. Sorry Heat followers on this site. I'm not going to fall back and play it nice with you because your team is in the finals. I hope the Mavericks team and fans show the world that Dallas has real fans, a real team and a real supporting cast. The Mavs have this Grizzlies & Celtic fan support...


I don't know what playoffs you were watching but most of the games came down to the wire and I found these playoffs very entertaining. A lot of stories going into the Finals after the performances by Dallas and Miami.
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