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Default Re: USC Nikola Vucevic

i watched a bit of pac 10 ball this and from what i say from him he really understands the game and pairs that with good hands

he doesn't get block to block on every possession, which is a shame because he does show a motor and effort. he is much more of a defensive presence in the set halfcourt D, and has a good nose for the ball and good timing. like brandonislegend said, he wont blow you away with one skill, but there's a lot of good things he does on the court

he's still very young and with his size and length he's definitely 1st round talent (especially in this year's draft)

don't know if he is a good choice for the sixers though. only watched them in the playoffs and against the raptors this season, and most often than not collins had them pushing the ball which might not suit him very well

but again i haven't watched the sixers enough this year to know exactly how they played all season
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