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Default Re: Rumor: 3 Team Trade (CLE-MIN-DET): CLE get #2 too

Originally Posted by B-Easy8
Knight is taller and heavier than Irving.
No, he's not... Unless you feel as though the COMBINE numbers have been fudged, magically. Unfortunately, the combine is the most legitimate, accurate and completely precise measurement that we will ever get of the two guys.

And, here they are...

Kyrie Irving - 6' 1.75" without shoes, 6' 3.5" with shoes, 191 pounds, 6' 4" wingspan, 8' 3" reach, 8.25 hand length, 9.25 hand width

Brandon Knight - 6' 1.5" without shoes, 6' 3.25" with shoes, 177 pounds, 6' 6.75" wingspan, 8' 2.5" reach, 8.25 hand length, 9.50 hand width

So, essentially Irving is taller with and without shoes, he weighs more, he has a longer reach and hand measurements are exactly the same.

The only area that favors Knight is in wingspan, which is nullified by Irving's longer reach.

Here is how their official NBA measurements will look, since they use the 'with shoes' height and round to the nearest whole number in inches...

Kyrie Irving - 6-foot-4, 191 pounds

Brandon Knight - 6-foot-3, 177 pounds

Irving is bigger than Knight and it isn't debatable. I will admit that I also thought that Knight was going to be the biggest PG in this draft pre-Combine, but you can't argue with the facts.

Not only is Irving bigger than Knight, he will be one of the tallest PGs in the NBA.

You can look for yourself...

Kyrie Irving Combine Results

Brandon Knight Combine Results

Originally Posted by jbryan1984
I am really not putting any credibility into these "rumored" trades concerning Cleveland because they are all win/win for us. Has anyone ever had the 1st and 2nd picks? If we do this trade, I know Gilbert don't want 3 guys in their 30's making 13 million plus a year so I would expect Jamison to be offered to a contender for some future draft picks. No matter what role he plays, he is going to score for you. He would be great off the bench for any contending team just to come in while the starters rest and score. I wanna keep Baron around because he will be a great teacher and extension of coach Scott for Kyrie. If we get Williams, probably drop Alonzo Gee. Rip, I think he just needs a fresh start out of Detroit, he's been there so long. We would look like this if all goes how I said.......


Rip will not ever be in a single lineup with the Cleveland Cavaliers. If this deal is eventually done, it will be a for-sure buyout situation. He has made it clear that he will not play for the Cavs... And that is fine with me. I don't want him anywhere near this young team with his record of insubordination and undermining his coaches.

Originally Posted by B-Easy8
Everywhere I have heard that Irving is 6'2 and Knight is 6'3 pushing 6'4.

Again, don't base it on hearsay... Just look at the actual, precise measurements done at the Combine. Irving is taller, bigger, has a longer reach and they have the same size hands.

Projections of size going into the Combine are moot, at this point... Combine is done, Irving is bigger/taller/rangier.

Originally Posted by BankShot
I'm going with what I've seen in the college season, and how the so-called experts percieved the combine results and his potential as an NBA player. Since Irving played little college ball, and sat out the combine, this is what I've based my novice opinion upon.

I'm not saying Irving will be a bust... I just like what I've seen out of Knight more.

That is fine and I like Knight, as well... Although, I think Irving is the best prospect in the draft -- far and away.

My point was, you can't really use size as a reason to pick Knight over Irving. It is a proven fact that Irving is the bigger/taller/rangier man... And there is also no doubt that he is a better shooter with a very high-caliber character.

There isn't much not to like when it comes to Irving in those areas. I'm not saying that Irving will definitely be better than Knight, but it is hard to point to a single measurable that would prove otherwise or be in Brandon's favor. Thankfully, NBA players don't live and die strictly upon their measurables, though.

Otherwise, Charles Barkley would have never made an NBA roster and Desagana Diop would be the greatest player of all-time.

The good thing about the official numbers for Irving, though, is that size was projected to be one of his hurdles on the next level. Clearly, not only will it not be a hurdle, but it will be an advantage against the vast majority of PGs in the league.

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