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Default Re: Random thoughts on the playoffs-

game 1- Miamis crowd is gonna be pumped and so are the Heat especially LeBron for his first ring. Heat take care of Mavs
game 2- Dallas a veteran good team on the road make sure they sneak a win on the road before headed to Dallas and thats what they do.
Game 3- This is were it starts to get interesting. Same as the Game 1 description but with Dallas winning.
Game 4- Heat wins a tough close game that comes down to the final seconds
Game 5- Now 2-2, Mavericks get the heat at there home.
Game 6- Heat try to avoid elimination and in this game they make sure its not over.
Game 7-in Miami Mavs lead 3-1. Dirk gets his but nobody else showed up were shut down. Heat Steam roll there way to there 2nd championship. New Champs MIAMI HEAT

I hope Dallas wins but this is what I think will happen.
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