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Default Re: Dwight Howard or Bust

Originally Posted by M a K o
Couldn't we get Dwight and Hedo for Noah and Boozer and some picks? Could be a good deal if Howard is going to leave Orlando. Who else can actually afford him who has any pieces to trade that are a championship contender?

Yeah, go ahead and involve Carlos Boozer's contract that is worse than Hedo's.

Other teams that could afford him? How about the Lakers.

Bynum will make 15 million next year.
Odom will make just under 9 million
Artest just under 7 million

Bynum and Odom both have team options on their contracts after next year, so essentially they could both be expiring contracts if the Magic didn't want to keep them for that team option. WAY better deal than getting Noah and Boozer IMO.

Boston, they've got a 21 million dollar expiring contract in KG for next season. I don't really see that ever happening, but then again I don't see the Magic taking on Boozer's contract either.

New Jersey could also have some pieces depending on what they do in the offseason. Pretty sure they will have like 20 million in cap space. So they could straight up just take on Dwights contract.
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