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Default Re: What about Brandon Roy?

Put me in the group that doesn't think he is done. IMO he tried to come back way too early from his injury and it just did him in.

Do I think he'll ever be able to come back to the level where he could drop 50 on a team like he has before? No, but I still think he can be a very good player in the league. I still think he could provide Chicago with what they need, a 2 guard who can score from anywhere. The added bonus with Roy is he can create for others as well. He could pull double duty and play backup PG when Rose is on the bench.

The only issue with getting Roy would be matching his contract. He's set to make almost 15 million next year. And his contract keeps on increasing, 16 million in 2012/2013, 17.8 million in 2013/2014 which is a player option year, and 19 million in 2014/2015 which is a team option year.

If a third team got involved that was under the cap, a deal could be easily pulled off. Portland has came out and said they're wanting to deal a SG and maybe a SF during the offseason since it's such a log jam, so getting Roy for less than his value is more reality than I thought with how awful his contract is looking.

Just messing around with the trade machine (still has this years contract values). A 3 way trade involving Chicago, Portland, and the Kings. Not really that hard to match contracts when you get a team that can just absorb contracts. Obviously we could involve a handful of draft picks to the deal as well.

Chicago gets: Brandon Roy

Portland gets: Kyle Korver, Omer Asik

Kings get: CJ Watson, John Lucas.

Why Chicago does it: get a 2 guard that can provide them with what they need. They give up CJ Watson (oh no!), Korver (who?), and Asik. Omer is really the only guy I wouldn't want to give up because he has some potential and makes our bigs rotation a strong one, but Roy would make our starting lineup look awesome, and give us some desperately needed offense. If we could steal him for something like that, why wouldn't you pull the trigger?

Why Portland does it: They get rid of a pretty bad contract IMO, and cut ties with Roy to truly make it "LaMarcus'" team. Getting Korver doesn't help their log jam a whole lot, but it's not like he is going to be demanding 30 minutes a game. He's just a shooter and can play the 2/3. They also get Asik who could potentially be their center of the future. Camby is almost done, and has Oden even played a game in the NBA yet? At the very least, Asik is a good plan B if they don't want to bring Oden back.

Why the Kings do it: They're not giving up anything in this deal, except for maybe sending a 2nd round pick to Portland for taking a backup PG off of Chicago's hands. Chicago could also shoot them a first rounder this year for taking on the extra contract.

I still think a trade involving Rudy Fernandez would still be more likely to happen, but I could easily see Roy being shopped around with their log jam at the 2, his shaky play down the stretch, and his big contract.
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