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Default Re: Random thoughts on the playoffs-

Post game 1 thoughts:

-As I suspected, Miami's quick rotating defense has effectively taken out Dirk and Barea out of their game. Dirk was met with hard doubles and Barea was unable to create anything off the pick and roll. Dirk was able to get himself to the line and he may need to do that at 15 times a game to really impact the series.

-Dallas was good at finding open spot ups earlier in the game and then started to go away from that in the 2nd half. They began to play the way the Heat wanted them to; disjointed and earning every bucket. Dallas has to remember their offense is disciplined and balanced. They cannot settle for the first shot available.

-Miami got 16 offensive rebounds tonight. 10 more than Dallas which ended up being the difference in total boards. If you let Miami have second chance points, they're going to burn you. The zone really killed their ability to rebound. At times Dirk looked like he was above rebounding and was hoping Kidd, Marion, or Tyson would get the board. If they're going to stick in that zone, they're going to have to start rebounding better or it'll be a short series.

-I feel like Wade is the engine to Miami. When he plays well, the team plays better. There's a noticeable difference when Wade is leading the team than when LeBron is. The team just clicks better when Wade is on a roll.

-Like I feared, the reffing of the game did dictate the pace. The Heat were allowed to play more physical than the Mavs are used to. And while the refs tried to even it out towards the end, the first half was a nightmare of physical defense for the Mavs.

-Dallas didn't try to pound it inside more against Miami. It was upsetting. They should've exploited the Marion mismatch or even use Kidd to post up Bibby more. All of us know Kidd is a great post player for a PG and they should've gone to that instead of strictly making him a three point shooter. Would've also like to see them work out pick and rolls with Tyson Chandler.

All in all, didn't expect Dallas to take game 1, but they've got a lot to learn. Miami's big 3 was clicking today. If they do that consistently, series is over. They have to make atleast one a non-factor to win games.
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