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Default Re: Richard Hamilton rumor

Originally Posted by Nastradamus
He got banged up in 09 and he and Ben Gordon haven't clicked all that well. Rip is Ray Allen like in his conditioning though. He isn't going anywhere IMVHO. His points per 36 hasn't changed.

Over the next 2 years, I highly doubt OJ Mayo or Aarno Afflalo outplays him, to say the least. He'd fit great next to Rose with his ability to score without ball domination.

It'd be better for Chicago if they could dump Boozer for him,but not sure it would go that far.

Boozer has been a lot better than Rip for years. It's not even remotely close at this point. It would make no sense at all the tear apart the team simply because a small faction of stupid Bulls fans unjustly blame Boozer for the entire team playing like shit in the ECF.

Originally Posted by tamaraw08
If the rumors are accurate, that he is being bought out, then he should come cheap.
Another plus is he also plays good defense.
The negatives are
He is not young and he is not a legit 3 pt shooter IMO, being more deadly from 15-18 ft, therefore he wont space the floor that much.
He is an upgrade over Bogans, so ill take him but the Bulls shouldn't stop and still try to acquire another SG.

And a huge downgrade from Bogans on the defensive end. Rip isn't worth the time unless he's a free agent signing at practically no cost. We don't need another slow shooter with suspect defense. We already have that. At least get someone faster and younger like Crawford, or someone who hasn't been injury prone and can hit the 3pt ball at a consistently high rate like JRich.
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