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Default Re: Raptors decline option on head coach Jay Triano, retain him as consultant

Same thing I said in the Raptors forum about this:

Unless they get one of the absolute best coaches in the league (Sloan or Adelman) it makes little difference until there is a massive talent upgrade on the roster. Also, unless it's one of those establisehd coaches, expect the next guy to be just another Colangelo puppet like Jay was.

IMO, coaching in the NBA means little unless you have one of those rare legend-quality coaches. It still comes down to the players on the floor and as long as your coach isn't a total moron, you can win. Triano was just doing what he thought would extend his employment and that was to follow orders from the top. That's something Sam Mitchell wasn't doing and look what it got him. Triano is just another scapegoat for the GM.

So to summarize, like 90% of my posts on here, Bryan Colangelo sucks.
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