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From Grange:

Colangelo was vague in detailing exactly why the change was made, but in outlining his search for a successor Triano’s perceived shortcomings stood out.

“Most of the candidates I will focus on will have a great deal of experience,” he said. “This young team that is obviously developing well under Jay needs to see someone with a pedigree or a résumé – someone who has achieved success.”

As one NBA insider put it: “You know when a guy walks in the room and he just has command and presence and attention of the group? Not that Jay didn’t have that, but that’s what they’re looking for going forward.”

Colangelo dismissed Raptors veteran assistant P.J. Carlesimo as a potential solution, even though he’s the only member of the coaching staff under contract for 2011-12.

In making the case for a coach that could “drill down” on defensive principles, Colangelo is no doubt looking at the success the Chicago Bulls had this season after hiring Thibodeau, who earned NBA coach of the year recognition. After moulding the Boston Celtics into one of the best defensive teams in recent memory as an assistant, Thibodeau showed the impact a coach can have at the defensive end when the Bulls improved to first from 10th in defensive efficiency year over year and won an NBA-best 62 games before losing to the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference final.

Two names that will doubtless move to the top of the Raptors list are Jeff Van Gundy and Lawrence Frank

To kinda echo what Q said, I doubt there are many coaches who could have achieved success with the situations (mid-season takeover, Bosh's Exit/Turkoglu not trying/rebuilding squad) and players Triano was handed.

Hard to win when you don't have the horses.

That being said, this goes to my further fear, that I put out there in the 'extension' thread: That Colangelo is about to abandon his long term rebuilding plan, and try and piece together a team that will be good for 6th-8th in the conference in 2 years so that he can keep his job when his contract comes due again. From Granges article, the bolded:

“He fared well in a lot of areas, but at the end of the day in terms of a gut feel for where this needs to go and how we need to get there and how quickly we want to get there in terms of accelerating the process, Jay and I had a chance to sit down in earnest once my contract situation was resolved …[and] we decided it was time to change the voice, to change the leader at the helm,” Colangelo said on a conference call with reporters.
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