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Default Re: Random thoughts on the playoffs-

G1 thoughts-

- dirk's torn finger makes me sick to my stomach. as does lebron james' knuckleheaded statement that 'it doesn't matter because the injury was to his off-hand'. but anyone who plays the game should know how much little injuries anywhere on the body can affect a person and at times even cause further injuries elsewhere from trying to compensate. i mean, i'm not saying dirk's injury is the end of the world, but even if he wasn't effective at dribbling left and shooting touch shots with his left hand (which he is and does), the off hand is still used for many things in the game IME. we've all played the game, so enough said, i think.

- kidd is a great fast-break PG, but how can the mavs possibly get more rebounds without abandoning the zone, thereby getting murdered at several individual matchups, such as nowitzki, terry, barea, peja, etc? the old kidd / nets team of 2002 still brings a smile to my face with the ability of the 1 - 4 slots to absolutely kick ass on defense, i.e. kidd - kittles - RJ - kmart. meanwhile, dallas' excellent D is more a product of intelligence, experience and careful planning... which might be reaching the absolute limit of what's capable going against the number of athletic monsters on the heat.

- "redblackattack" was saying something on the main forum last night that i thought rung pretty true: that miami's offense is still not very pretty, but the raw talent on the wings (and maybe elsewhere) is so incredible that it just doesn't matter. following that thought, even top defenses like the celtics and the bulls simply couldn't deal with it. to me, it's sort of like taking an excellently-coached, experienced and disciplined state-champion grade school team (if there is such a thing) and throwing them against a good middle school or HS team- the raw strength and speed disadvantage is so great that the 12-yr olds have to do virtually everything perfectly to win.

- watching wade and lebron even from a distance, one can tell that 'something funny is going on'. and bear with me- i mean that you see two players who seem to do everything faster and more easily than everyone else on the court. we already know this of course by their reputation, incredible athleticism, skill, and bull-like physical strength. but even if you took someone who had never watched bball before and showed them the games, i think they might be able to pick out this difference. two ants on the anthill seem to be super ants for some reason. and if that's the case, imagine what it must be like in the trenches, battling those ants face-to-face. murderous, i would think. the situation also reminds me of watching a team with allen iverson from a distance- one player seems to be wearing jet-powered rocket skates while everyone else left theirs at home.

(haha, i have no idea if that last note made the slightest bit of sense.)

- last thought: that which was feared seemed to be happening late in the game- wade & lebron are so overwhelming in their matchups, despite dallas' best designs to prevent it, that it started to make everyone else on the heat look like great players. alley-oops with bosh, easy 3pt-ers from anyone who wanted one, haslem and others producing millions of offensive boards... it was starting to look like a laughing-good party fest for the heat in the 4th quarter, and that's got to scare everyone else in the league shirtless when they think about how much better the heat can still get. i.e., get haslem healthy, get miller productive like normal, sign even an -average- NBA PG to replace the dead weight of bibby / chalmers, get more experienced and comfortable with each other. i mean, sure, anything can go wrong, just like with any team, but the upside is still frightening...
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