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Default Re: The Mike D'antoni Thread

Originally Posted by franchize
D'Antoni would be in heaven because the Raptors love drafting European plyers.I'd be in heaven because he's gone.PLEAAAAAASEE Mike...Go to Canada!

I want a fresh new head coach.Let's face it,the new guys have something that they can relate to their players with.I dont know what it is but this new wave of rookie head coaches has been really good realy quick.Monty Williams, Tom Thibadeau,etc.Im not sure about hiring Mark because he wasn't even an assistant anywhere but I want a new head coach with something to prove.The veteran coaches seem to want to make it all about them.Todays players have ego problems and pride.Im not saying stroke their ego,butthe days of running teams like a college team or boot camp are over. Unfortunately,the veteran coaches dont seem to understand that.
Personally, I think Mark Jackson needs to get his feet wet and get under a head coach for a few seasons.

Our team is not ready for contention and I'm not positive that he can lead them with ZERO experience.
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