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Default Re: Random thoughts on the playoffs-

Game 2 thoughts:

-Once again, when Wade is on the Heat are unstoppable. I like at the end of this game, the Heat went away from Wade and into LeBron who ended up playing like he was on the Cavs again. He iso'd up at the top of the key and ended up taking terrible shots. Meanwhile when they went on their run in the 3rd and beginning of the 4th quarter, Wade was attacking, he was playing defense, and the rest of the team was feeding off his leadership. LeBron doesn't have that yet. Even when he does his monsterous dunks, it doesn't have the same impact as Wade. LeBron is the best player in the NBA, but Wade is the leader of this team.

-Dirk, Dirk, Dirk, Dirk. If there's a guy who's made tougher clutch shots this year, I don't know his name. Dirk's going to need to have to have huge 4th quarters for every game this series to have a chance.

-The Matrix came back. This is the most aggressive I've seen Shawn Marion play in....a long time. Probably since I was in college and he was on PHX. I never really pictured him as a slasher as much as an active utility guy, but he was so opportunistic. In Game 1 and 2. Hopefully he keeps it up, because he presents a lot of problems for the Heat. He's often left unchecked cause Miami wants to hard double Dirk and they've been closing out to Terry. Meanwhile, Marion is allowed to get to the places he wants and take shots he's great at. It's great to see him do well.

-Battle of the boards. This time Mavs outrebounded the Heat and it came up huge. They need to keep this up.

-Turnovers. Kidd is getting killed with turnover problems. And turnovers against the Heat are basically headshots cause they will convert on any turnover. They wouldn't have to fight back if they kept their turnovers low.

-I was impressed by the game Bibby pulled out. It was like watching him back on the Kings. His jumper was wet for the most part.

-Chris Bosh has been shooting terrible these two games. 9-34 for a whopping 26%. He needs to find his offense. Tyson's length gives him problems, but when he faces up and tries to use his quickness, he seems to get the shot he wants to. I'm also surprised that Bosh can't move to open spaces well off of Wade and LeBron drives. He should be getting open shots in the elbow or baseline area. Unfortunately his off-ball play isn't there.

Now that the series turns to Dallas, I wonder how these next 3 games will play out. I'm really excited for Sunday.
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