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Default Re: Internal Affairs vs. The Departed-

So I just finished watching Infernal Affairs again. (Someone uploaded the entire film to Google Video!) After seeing the original, I'm sad to say The Departed actually sucked and it did not deserve Best Picture, nor did Good O Marty deserve Best Director.

Infernal Affair just simply offered so much better creativity, more impactful scenes, and more of an emotional connection. And frankly, I think both Tony Leung and Andy Lau did a better job then Leo and Matt (Not that Leo and Matt was bad). Overall, there's just a suspensful feeling in IA that The Departed lacks. IA was head and shoulder better in playing out this cat and mouse game between the two spies.

Now, don't take me saying "The Departed sucks" out of context. The Departed is still a good movie, but when compared to Infernal Affair, The Departed is no where near in quality and entertainment.
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