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Default Re: Pistons finally fired head coach John Kuester

Originally Posted by bdreason
This guys was a terrible coach... but changing coaches won't fix the mess that is the Detroit Pistons. Their roster is a complete joke, filled with mismatched talent at all the wrong positions.

Thankfully, we should see a major turnover this year. Wilcox, Stuckey, Tayshaun, McGrady, Summers, and Jerebko are free agents and the only one we are 100% resigning is Jerebko. Hopefully Dumars pulls the trigger on the Rip-to-Cavs trade. We would still have CV31 and Gordon, but would be something like $24 million under the current cap if it were to happen. Under proposed CBA rules, with a max contract likely being lower than $15 million a season, and the possibility of cutting the cap hit of one player in half (or something like that, a lot of different rumored proposals have been flying around), we would have significant room to sign or trade for players. Hopefully Dumars does it smartly this time around. Doubtful given his recent track record, but Detroit fans can hope, right?

Also, Laimbeer isn't the right guy for the job. Give it to either Mike Woodson or Lawrence Frank.
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