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Default Re: Random thoughts on the playoffs-

I missed most of the game yesterday because I was meeting with an old colleague I haven't seen in years.

I only caught the 4th quarter so this is what I have to say (and it only pertains to the 4th quarter):

-Miami for the 3rd game in a row looks like they have an easier time scoring than Dallas. This is sad because Dallas has more potent offensive structure and weapons. I'm not sure if this is a testament to Miami's D (which I give a ton of credit for), but if Dallas does not find a way to get a bucket outside of Dirk fading away off one foot.. They won't come back. You can see Miami killing Dallas in the pick and roll and finding open guys here and there. Dallas on the other hand can't get anything going outside of Dirk creating his own shot. While Dirk is a great player and for the most of the playoffs this strategy is working, it's the Finals.. can't rely on one trick.

-What's wrong with Kidd? He doesn't even look aggressive on offense. He's turning down shots and he doesn't drive to the rim when he has the lane. I remember Kidd in his Nets days. He'd go in and get a foul or create some sort of shot. He's a master layup player with great hands. It's sad to see him turn it down.

-Udonis Haslem is the hardest working player whenever he steps on the court. I love this guy. He plays in only one gear.

-Bosh finally worked the pick and pop right for that game winner. He can get that shot more than he does.

-Once again, can't say this enough.. Wade led charges are much better than LeBron led charges. Wade is calmer in the clutch and I think he eases everyone else's nerves to play their game. His ability to dictate teammate performance in the clutch is far superior to James.

-LeBron gets away with so many travels. I only watched the 4th quarter and I lost count of how many times he gets away with a travel. I'm glad they called some of them.

-After watching 3 straight series where Terry's shot was wet, he has been terrible this series. He can't make anything and he was taking away valuable shots for Dirk in the 4th. I know he's clutch and confident, but there were times he dribble into tougher shots.
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