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Default Re: Alan Hahn: Sources say D'Antoni will look to hire defensive assistant coach

I would rather have D'Antoni as the head coach instead of Lawrence Frank. They both coached shitty rosters, the only difference is Franks team only won 12 games.

I would like Frank as the Knicks defensive coach but theres nothing that suggests he would leave his assistant coach job for the Celtics to come do the same thing for the Knicks. Unless we offer him probably a significant amount more then what Bostons paying him I dont see why he would leave.

I understand the argument that D'Antoni may severly limit any defensive coaches influence on the roster but I dont think you could criticize the move of an assistant coach being hired because maybe D'Antoni does let the man do his job. That's a step in the right direction.

And even if D'Antoni does try to limit the coaches ability to coach its really not up to him. According to Knickscity's post on Amar'e Stoudemires comments it seems that the Knicks roster is ready and willing to play defense and if a defensive coach is brought in to teach D'Antoni would face a severe lashback if he told the players not to listen to the coach if they really want to.
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