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Default Re: This has to end!

Originally Posted by j Fresh
I am tired of losing to teams lower than us!

Since when has the Boston Celtics become a force in the league?

True they probably deticated this game for DJ, but haven't they deticated the whole season to Red Aurbech? That didn't stop them from losing 18 games in a row!

If things don't change for the good, we might not make the playoffs. We need some changes done quickly, somebody has to pick up the scoring, and we still don't know how to play DEFENSE!

And will somebody please tell Isiah Thomas to hold onto a consistent rotation already? He was one of the greatest point guard in the league's history, but damnit he's retarted!

were not that much better then the celtics, they are just smart and are tanking it to get oden, if they get oden they will win championships, they have alot of pieces with pierce, green, west, jefferson
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