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Default Re: Warriors and 76ers discussing Monta Ellis for Andre Iguodala trade

Iggy not worth Monta Ellis? You dudes smoke crack. Overvalue Monta Ellis much?

I guess Sixers couldnt get a quality big man for Iggy. Not that the league has plenty but I figured someone would bite. Then again maybe the big men that could have been had werent worth it? Like Al Jefferson? I dunno. I mean if Sixers tell me we tried to aquire a big man and struck out? Then I can live with Monta Ellis because he provides a go to scorer this team sorely lacks.

But Jrue/Monta backcourt I hope and pray we find someone who can protect the paint. Then I guess Turner plays the role of Iguodala. Not a bad trade.

Iggy for Kaman only works for a salary dump trade. Sixers value Iggy far more than to do that. I understand the arguments why you want to dump salary but the Sixers get nothing back in return when Kaman is a free agent this time next year. You clear payroll for what? Unless you're telling me a key FA in 2012 will sign here. Otherwise, doesnt make the team better. LAC would have to add a draft pick. And I dont think Sixers value Aminu that much considering we have Thaddeus Young.

Lou Williams, Marreese Speights might be next to go. No point having Lou with Monta here. Jrue Holiday, Monta Ellis, Jodie Meeks and filler guard. Lou deserves minutes and wouldnt get much here behind Jrue and Monta who will play atleast 30mins. Then you factor in having to get Jodie Meeks action as your best 3pt sniper. Lou is odd man out and could help another team.

Originally Posted by kumquat
Philly get the better end of the deal. Lou Will is fools gold, he's always going to be a guy who can get hot every now and again, but pretty much useless otherwise.

Memo to you, Lou Williams is a bench player, a 6th man so to speak. He provides a key role off the bench like many 6th men do. Which is to score. You talk like he is a starting SG getting 35mpg. He's getting anywhere from 22-25mpg to give instant offense. And has helped the Sixers have the best scoring bench in the NBA. Yea pretty much useless otherwise
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