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Originally Posted by lilbeastnani
Man, the overrating of Demar Derozan continues. He's more or less the same player he was the past 2 years, only difference is he learned one spin move. Other than that, he got a lot more minutes, twice as many field goal attempts, and subsequently twice as many points, but his handles, his passing ability, his defense, and his rebounding remained very much the same. I've heard people saying he has an Andre Igoudala ceiling but i'm seeing more along the lines of a one dimensional guy like O.J. Mayo who will be solid but won't get a whole lot better over the course of his career.

Perhaps though as you say say player over 2 years ; 2 years is hardly a period in which one can comment on the development of a players game. The same is true of most if not all players.

His rebounds per game increased from 2.9 to 3.8. No Gwall type numbers but I personally think he has been a little soft in getting into the paint to pick up long rebounds. 3.8 is pretty average for a guy playing minutes at the 3. Assists per game increased from 1 (under 1 actually) to nearly 2 but then he is supposed to be slash scorer.

His minutes per game average only actually increased from 20 + to 35 + so he didnt actually double his minutes.

I have no concerns about his defence at all. I thought he played D at the 2 & 3 position effectively most games I watched. Some inexperience but D is learned and a mentality most players on this team need to improve upon. I cannot remember a single game in which his main opposition "went off and scored 40+ against the Raptors". He was very solid if unspectacular. He has great lateral foot speed and great recovery speed to challenge the shot.

His FG % actually declined a couple of points but this FT % improved about 10% over season 1 and this is critical.. He is getting to the line more than any other player on the Raptors i.e. getting the most calls to the line per minute played.

So after 2 years I would argue he is not exactly the same player but he is remarkably unchanged. He appears to be more of what he was the first year and I am willing to bet he will be more of that again in the coming season.

The onlything I cant really decide is whether he is a 3 (where he plays a lot of minutes) or perhaps should be a dedicated pure 2. I think there is a very good arguement to be had in that debate.

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