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Default Re: Ray Allen exercises option to play for Celtics in 2011-12

Great move for Shttlesworth. With the unknown with the new CBA, plus a 10million dollar deal, opting out and hoping to get 5 mil over 3 years is pretty silly. And his family is settled in, he's a family man so that is really important to him.

Dude is a perfect sg for how they play, unless they can get a guy like Rip, Kevin Martin or Ben Gordon I dont see a replacement that would allow them to continue to play that fast pace AND a slow down half court game.

Say what you want about his age, dude is still good. Ainge might move him though, but I doubt someone moves value for him considering his age unless its a salary dump (see Ben Gordon or Rip) in which case both teams should jump on it.
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