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Default Re: Ray Allen exercises option to play for Celtics in 2011-12

Originally Posted by Boston C's
This, idk why boston would trade him when he had a career yr shooting the ball. Him and pierce are aging magnificently and the big 3 just need to have their minutes lowered. and honestly idk who boston would trade ray allen for that could fill that void he has. He may be relegated to a 3 point specialist at this point of his career but hes shown he can still put it on the floor and take it to the rack. What three point specialist can do that in todays game? You have great 3 point shooters like korver or matt bonner but shoot 3's are all they can do and they have pretty much no ability to take it to the rack.

Why do you keep a guy who wants to win titles when you're talking about rebuilding?

Lowering their minutes doesnt really keep them in the title picture.

Their core is getting up in age and you need impact players going forward, espescially when your competition is now Miami, Chicago, & New York.
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