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Default Re: LeBron: Winning Will Take Care Of My Legacy...

Originally Posted by Blue&Orange
Nowhere near the TOP10 dear Lebron, everything you will do with the heat will have a huge, colossal, seen from space, asterisk.
One of the greatest talents to play the game of basketball putting up incredible stats since his first season with just one ring will be borderline top 10 ever for 90% of non-hater fans. Haters' problem is that they are basing their opinion about Lebron on everything he does off the court, not on the court. They are blind on his games, they dont like to watch his games because his every basket and incredible play is eating them from inside. You should first realise that you have psycho' problem because your hate on this BASKETBALL PLAYER is based on his personal life. Your hate dont have anything to do with the GAME OF BASKETBALL.
But I will repeat myself. 80 % his haters will be his biggest fans after his 2nd ring. Keep on with hating.

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