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Default Re: LeBron: Winning Will Take Care Of My Legacy...

Originally Posted by DirtySanchez
I agree with LeBron. It is true what he says. He wins titles with Miami be it 2'3'4 etc. then his move to Miami to play with Bosh and Wade will be justified. Certain people will say he played second fiddle to Wade etc. but you know what you have to respect the man at the end of the day for willing to turn his game down at times for the better of the team. I think LeBron knows he will never be seen as better the Jordan no matter what so why chase that ghost? LeBron maybe smarter then you, I, we all think.

I just did not like the way he went about making his announcements etc. And I do think LeBron is a cocky prick. But hey he is two wins away from probably starting a dynasty.

Still I hope he fails.

Good point. Lebron could've easily become a "Chuck-First" type player to chase scoring titles, but the flip side is he could've knocked his career shooting percentage into the 40s and be looked at as inefficient when his career is done.

He won't be looked at any different than any other All-Time greats when it's said and done years from now. So long as he's not being overrated and causing people to dig deeper to analyze his accomplishments, he should be fine.
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