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Default Re: LeBron: Winning Will Take Care Of My Legacy...

Originally Posted by 3zazer1
When I say this, I'm not hating on him.

1) They havent won shit yet

2)Wade will always have the one up on Lebron

We will all harper on him leaving the Cavs and insted remember the rings won when he joined (arguably) the 2nd best player in the league. His legasy is ****ed.

Sorry, Lebron.

(and I say again, not hating on him. I'm actually becoming a fan of him again )
1. Say this to me in about one week again.
2.That means nothing. Bill Russell has 4 more than Jordan. Is he better?
And BTW I dont see nothing wrong with having Wade in top10 after his third (Lebron's 2nd ring).
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