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Default Re: LeBron: Winning Will Take Care Of My Legacy...

Originally Posted by Blue&Orange
Your post is definition of psycho.

Other than philly series, i've watched every Lebron game in the playoffs so yes it's eating me up inside.

Maybe you should try to take Lebron's c0ck from your mouth, and explain without sounding like a dumbass why he would be top10 with a title.

What's next? Scottie Pippen is a top10 player? Every title Lebron collects from now on will have Robert Horry status.

You had me till this part. I can understand the Lebron criticism for ring chasing why does everyone always have say something totally out of the realms of reality to make their point.

Lebron would be right if this was 1995 or even 2000 but times have changed and people will remember everything he does because it will be discussed until it becomes dust by the media.
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