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Default Re: LeBron: Winning Will Take Care Of My Legacy...

The question is, what would his legacy be if he put up mind-boggling stats and never won? It's happened...plenty of times. Then he'd be in the discussion for best to never win a title. Lebron made a choice while at the peak of his powers, who's to say how many titles he wins? Garnett figured out at 32 that loyalty can sometimes bite you in the ass... suppose he, Pierce and Allen had teamed up when they were all under 30? They may have had 2-3 titles. Take issue with how he went about it, but Lebron made a decision that's about 2 wins from paying off. If he stayed in Cleveland, was he getting past Chicago or Boston this year? Not likely.... not without surrounding him with better players than 39 year old Shaq, 36 year old Big Z, Mo Williams, and 35 year old Jamison. And there was no indication that Cleveland was going to attract a top-flight free agent last summer to pair with Lebron.
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