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Default Re: 2011 Drew League

Originally Posted by lilbeastnani

Of course i'm just making an educated guess here based on the type of game he has... But in the words of the great Charles Barkley.. "I may be wrong... but I doubt it." He'll never be in a better situation than he was in last year and on a team with more talent he'd be borderline starter quality if at all. Especially at a stacked position like the 2/3 where you either have to be great offensively, great defensively, or both, but you can't be neither. And he's neither.

His RPG increasing 0.8 actually doesn't matter considering he plays 13 more minutes than last year. His RP48 actually decreased from 6.4/game to 5.3/game.

Ok so it's not LITERALLY double, but it's still like 60-70% more minutes than he received last year. It is a big jump going from a guy getting 20 mins to getting minutes in the mid 30s. It's basically going from a role player to a main cog.

Then you obviously weren't paying much attention. He was getting absolutely torched off the dribble. And he wasn't getting up on shooters like he should. It's like he didn't know how to guard each specific guy and his effort was down right deplorable at times.

yes, that was one thing he improved, his ability to get to the line, i'll give him that. Although his TS% also went down (which also includes FT%) from 55.4% to 53%.

I'm confused, so are you agreeing or disagreeing with me?

LOL @ this fool criticizing another player's rebounding and defense not improving. What about your idol? His rebounding and defense got worse this year. He added nothing to his game. At least DeMar showed a post game and more consistent shooting this year. DeMar's playing ball while Bargs is sitting on his fat ass eating his Primo pasta.
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