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Default Re: LeBron: Winning Will Take Care Of My Legacy...

Originally Posted by Dragonyeuw
What are you talking about, they didn't team up? Blueprint? Elaborate, please. Garnett and Allen joined Pierce in 2007, was that not a joining of forces, a teaming up, whatever term you wish to use? If you're talking about how Wade, Lebron and Bosh came together being different from how Garnett/Pierce/Allen joined, that wasn't the main point.
At this point i don't know even what to say to Lebron homers.

Your fake ignorance as a ploy to reconstruct some type of argument failed.

They didn't "team up", they didn't "join", they were traded. It wasn't the main point? So what's your point after all?
Originally Posted by Dragonyeuw
The point is Garnett waited until he was at the tail end of his prime before realizing that his loyalty to Minnesota wasn't playing dividends. Lebron decided he wasn't going to do that.
Again Garnett didn't waited, he didn't realize nothing, he didn't left he was traded. Garnett never quitted on his team, like Lebron quitted on Cleveland when they were 2-2 playing at friggin HOME, god forbid Cleveland sending Boston home, how could he then come to Miami and win multiple titles and prove he is the chosen one

I'm out, tired of arguing with guys with man crush.
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