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Default Re: LeBron: Winning Will Take Care Of My Legacy...

Originally Posted by Dragonyeuw
What are you talking about, they didn't team up? Blueprint? Elaborate, please. Garnett and Allen joined Pierce in 2007, was that not a joining of forces, a teaming up, whatever term you wish to use? If you're talking about how Wade, Lebron and Bosh came together being different from how Garnett/Pierce/Allen joined, that wasn't the main point. The point is Garnett waited until he was at the tail end of his prime before realizing that his loyalty to Minnesota wasn't playing dividends. Lebron decided he wasn't going to do that.

Garnett is no angel. He told his boss that he didn't want to go to boston initially. ONLY UNTIL Boston got Ray Allen did Garnett immediately change his mind.

And this garbage on what the heat did needs to stop. Magic Johnson was a lot worse. He wanted to play with Kareem and said he wouldn't go to any other team but LA when he was still a young kid. Magic hijacked every other team that could have selected him and then Magic went out of his way to get his coach fired.

Lebron didn't do any of those sorts of things. He honored his contract with the team that drafted him, and then he was a FREE agent and FREE to go where he pleased. He did nothing wrong.

Wilt wanted to go to LA. David West wanted to go to LA.. and Kareem forced things to get to LA. And there's a lot more. The lakers deserve to be hated far more because of players wanting to go there and hijacking others in the process. And they weren't even free agents !! lebron was !
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