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Default Re: LeBron: Winning Will Take Care Of My Legacy...

Magic Johnson was a lot worse. He wanted to play with Kareem and said he wouldn't go to any other team but LA when he was still a young kid. Magic hijacked every other team that could have selected him and then Magic went out of his way to get his coach fired.

Not true. Magic had a choice between the Lakers and the Bulls (well, it was about who won the coin toss) and said that that he would either play for the Lakers or remain at Michigan State. However, here is the difference between Magic and LeBron. Magic was a kid coming out of college, he had not played even one second of NBA basketball. Lebron had been with Cleveland for 7 years allowing those fans to line his pockets with millions of dollars and dreams of a promised championship. Then he left them (as was his right) in an extremely callous and disloyal manner. What he did was about the same as telling your wife that you love her and then showing up at the next family get together with your 25 year old girlfriend, telling your wife (in front of the rest of the family) that you want a divorce and then driving off in your new sports car with the 25 year old girlfriend. While I don't condone what Magic did (didn't like Eli Manning refusing to go to San Diego or Elway refusing to play for the Colts, either), I just don't find it as distasteful as what Lebron did because he wasn't leaving behind a fan base that had put millions in his pocket and supported him for 7 years. I, personally, have no problem with him leaving, just the way he did it.

Lebron didn't do any of those sorts of things. He honored his contract with the team that drafted him, and then he was a FREE agent and FREE to go where he pleased. He did nothing wrong.

He colluded with two other top tier 2 players because he couldn't handle the pressure of being them man. His little tv gig was a punk move and the whole time he always suggested that he was going to return to Cleveland and portrayed himself as some home town hero. If he was going to leave he should have gave them notice.

Wilt wanted to go to LA.

Wilt was passed his prime and already brought a championship to Philadelphia.

Kareem forced things to get to LA.

Kareem hadalready brought a championship to Milwaukee and went to a Laker team with no other top tier players on the team.
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