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Default Re: Mike Brown named new Lakers head coach

Originally Posted by tamaraw08
YOu made some great points, if you can find ANY messages that I posted insinuating that Mike Brown is incompetent, stupid etc etc, I would like to read them.
All I said was Adelman had a better track record, being relatively successfull in Portland, Sacramento and Houston as compared to Brown who coached 1 superstar with different supporting casts just like Rudy T. Again, Im not saying he would also be a disaster but it is my opinion that Adelman is a safeR pick.
So you like Mike's strong work ethic, I seemed to recall Laker fans and media also being so optimistic with Rudy T's dedication esp when he coached the US team spending sleepless nights discussing strategies with his players and assistants. There are coaches who work just as hard but unfortunately, there is other attributes that great coaches have over typical mentors. Aspects like timely adjustments and substitutions, when to yell at players and when to step back, what setplay to use in a specific situation, what to say to the players in the time of victory and more importantly when they lose, how to deal with different personalities etc etc.
If you read my reply to DK, both of us were ENCOURAGED with what he read about Mike Brown. Picking a coach like Ettore Messina who looked like a genius seems to be a great decision. I also wouldn't be against the idea of bringing in Kuester who assisted him enroute to their good stint in Cleveland.

I never said it was you who talked about his "incompetence", but take a look at this post...

Never liked this move. Look at his post game interviews/press conferences, Dude looks like a straight up idiot, and doesn't know what he's talking about most of the time.

Now tell me, wasn't this an unfair assumption? Did people even watch his press conference after we hired him? I was very impressed with what he was saying. I didnt see any sign of incompetence...unless of course that makes me incompetent.
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