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Default Lebron James Top Five Songs on His MP3 Player

5.You are not alone. - Micheal Jackson (He likes to listen to this now that he is robin to D-Wade's batman.)

4.I believe I can fly. - R.Kelly (Listened to this on his plane trip to Miami to join Wade.)

3.Im Going Home. Chris Daughtry (Listened to this while playing for the Cavs. Thinking about going home to his lover D-Wade in Miami)

2.I gotta feeling. - Black Eyed Peas (Listens to this before every game now that he plays with D-Wade.)

and his number 1 favorite song on his MP3 player is......

1.We Already Won - Flo Rida (Cause lets be honest robin, batman and bat girl(Chris Bosh) are not losing to the Mavericks.)
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