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Default Re: 2011 NBA Finals Game 3 thread: Miami Heat at Dallas Mavericks

What an unbelievable game. Glad Dallas gutted this one out, and hopefully Dirk is healthy for game 5. Wade is incredible at both ends. Heat defense was suffocating for a while there from the mid-3rd to mid-4th quarter...they were just everywhere. Then Dallas went to some tested options in their offense and had success, with Dirk nailing the winning layup. Miami's offensive execution and decisionj-making in the 4th was atrocious - TO after TO.

And again, how is Miami being allowed to play Dirk as physically as they are? Haslem is bumping, grabbing, and holding Dirk ALL GAME. Let's see the refs allow Lebron/Wade to be defended like that.

Shocked that Wade bobbled the ball at the end - it looked like he went to make his move before he caught the ball.
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