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Default Re: Piston draft prospects

I do agree there's some PG's who should be around at 33 that we'll have to look really hard at. This draft is definitely deeper in small guys that big guys (not saying its deep though, lol). I still like Jujuan Johnson or Jeremy Tyler with that 2nd round pick though. I'm not sure if I like Vesely or Valanciunas more. I feel like both have quite a bit of upside. I think Vesely makes more of an immediate impact. Valanciunas might take a bit but probably has a slightly higher ceiling. If Walker fell to us and we picked him I definitely wouldn't be upset. I think he has a chance of being pretty good. He's definitely a PG in the NBA and has even said he's not trying to be a SG at all. I think he'll make some team pretty happy and he'll end up going earlier. Not saying he's a perenial all-star but he has a chance to be a nice starter in the league. If for some reason we draft Leonard that tells me Tay is definitely on his way out. The only reason we need depth at SF is if Tay leaves and they want to give some competition to the other young guys we have for the spot. I just wish we'd have a summer league to evaluate whoever we end up drafting..... it's really going to hurt the rookies this year when the NBA is locked out.
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